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Macaron Beste TWS Kabelloses Bluetooth Headset 5.0,Reicher Bass Stereo-HiFi-Kopfhörer,Sport(Blau)

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🎵 【TWS Bluetooth wireless technology 5.0headset using Bluetooth EDR V5.0 / BLE technology, low power consumption, long life; CVC8.0 noise, bidirectional HD calls headphones, stable signal transmission with low latency, adjustment of automatic, automatic return port, left and right channels are separate and can be used Individually or in pairs.

🎵 【rich bass HiFi stereo】:  richer bass stereo headphones Bluetooth, noise reduction technology innovation; 7-mm neodymium-iron-boron magnet and titanium composite membrane moving coil speaker unit, wide sound field full, stereo surround sound, three frequency is balanced, the sound is pure, natural and melody sensational.

🎵 【Comfort Material】:  delicate matte skin-friendly atmosphere, the environment and micro-sand technology, scratches, fingerprints, waterproof, anti-sweat, sweat-proof material, even if the drops of sweat can guarantee full functions on of earplugs. Suitable for the ear canal and ergonomically in the ear canal.

🎵 【Magnetic rapid charging box】:  Portable magnetic cargo box with integrated 500-mAh lithium rechargeable battery with high capacity, integrated 50 mAh headphones; the cargo box can charge four times the headphone, the headphone can be used four hours long, cooperate and the charging Kopfhörerbox can Be Played for 16 hours. Music or call contents.

🎵 【Touch fingertip new experience to unlock】:  One-click Summon Siri: Using your fingertips, you can implement music, take calls, language assistants and other operations, reduce stress and enjoy the Entire technical experience. Sending friends, sending family members and Their personal use are good options!


● Features:

The coated graph driver is robust and easy and besteht of a 7-mm neodymium-iron-boron magnet and titanium composite movie-moving-coil loudspeaker unit. They produce precise vibrations did Provide excellent sound across the Entire frequency range. Crystal clear and care fully tuned sound brings immersive sound in the middle of the stage.

1. Long battery life: standby 100 hours, 4 hours binaural / music time.

2. Handsfree: Built-in sensitive microphone for comfortable conversation.

3. Easy to use: one-touch control can switch to music or mobile phone

4. Fast and stable coupling: Bluetooth V5.0 EDR / BLE technology, easy to pair with your device.

5. Anti-sweat: The shell is made IPX5 anti-sweat material to ENSURE HIGH sound quality during training.

6. Portable Magnetic Mini-Charger: When not in use, you can use the phone disconnect put off the headset in the charging shell without the headset. If you use it again, you remove the headset and connect it automatically to the phone.

7. Screen: Android uses "Digital" / IOS used "symbol": Shows the remaining power of the headset with pop-up function

★ Detailed parameters:

Product name: inpods12

Weight: 100 g / set.

Bluetooth Version: V5.0 EDR / BLE, extremely low power consumption

Frequency: 2.4 GHz

Speaker Impedance: 32Ω

Microphone sensitivity: 42dB

Bluetooth range: 40 m

Battery capacity: 50 mAh (Bluetooth headset) / 500 mAh (charging box)

Charging Power Supply: DC5V


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