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Esther - Georg Friedrich Händel (1685-1759)

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Esther - Georg Friedrich Händel (1685-1759)

Disc 1
1 Esther Hwv 50b (Oratorium)
2 Overtüre: Andante - Larghetto - Allegro (1. Akt)
3 Breathe soft ye gales
4 Watchful angels
5 O King of kings, celestial Lord!
6 Alleluia
7 With transport, lovely quee
8 So much beauty sweetly blooming
9 Again shall Salem, to the skies
10 My heart is inditing
11 Kings daughters
12 Upon the right hand
13 Kings shall be thy nursing fathers
14 Let me with freedom thy petition know
15 Endless fame
16 Tis greaterfar to spare
17 Pluck root and branch
18 Our souls with ardour glow
20 Jerusalem no more shall mourn
21 Tune your harps to cheerful strains
22 Shall we of servitude complain
23 Praise the Lord with cheerful noise
24 How have our skins provokd the Lord
25 Ye sons of Israel, mourn
26 O Jordan, Jordan sacred tide!
27 Ye sons of Israel, mourn

Disc 2
1 Tyrants may awhile presume (2. Akt)
3 Dread not, righteous Queen
4 O heaven, protect her
5 Blessing descend on downy wings
6 I go, the powr of grief to prove
7 Tears assist me, pity moving
8 Save us, O Lord!
9 Who dares intrude into our presence
11 O beauteous queen, unclose those eyes
12 If I find a favour in thy sight
14 With inward joy his visage glows
15 Heavn has lent her evry charm
16 The King will listen to the royal fair
17 Blessed are all they that fear the Lord
18 Jehovah crownd with glory bright (3. Akt)
19 He comes! He comes to end our woes
20 Now O my queen, thy suit declare
21 Turn not, O queen, thy face away
22 Flattring tongue, no more I hear thee
23 Guards, seize the traitor
24 Through the nation he shall be
25 All applauding crowds, around
26 How art thou falln from thy height!
27 Ill proclaim the wondrous story
28 The Lord our enemy has slain, Allelujah!


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