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Excelvan GS70 1800W Quick Heat Garment Steamer With 3 Steam Levels Fabric Brush 360 Rolling Hanger

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Stillfretover crumpled clothes? Are you looking for a convenient garment steamer to iron your garments? Well, Excelvan GS70-BJ fast heat garment steamer will be a good choice. It equipped with 1.5L removable water tank, and can steams continuously for about 38mins after 45 seconds preheating. Arc-shaped handle can perfectly contact to the cloth, and double insulated hose can maintains steam and surface heat. Besides, adjustable pole and 360 rolling hanger will makes your job easier and more efficient. Choose our garment steamer, your clothes will be smooth and tidy since then!

Arc-shaped Handle: Arc-shaped design makes the handle more comfortable and in use. With 7 large bore steam holes on the head of the handle, it can contact to the garments perfectly for better ironing.
Suitable For Any Garments: Three steam levels can be chose, which makes the garment steamer suitable for ironing any kind of garments, including silk, fiber, hemp, cotton, flush, hairy, etc.
Removable Water Tank: The water tank is made of polypropylene material, which is stable and no deformation in use. Optimal 1.5L capability provides about 38min continuous steam. It is quite convenient to remove the tank to fill in water or clean.
Double Insulated Hose: The hose is made of high quality PVC and EVA, which can help to maintain the steam temperature for stable steam, and also regulate the surface temperature in case of scald.
Safe Assurance: The garment steamer will automatically shut off when it is over heating or run out of water, which makes it safer in use.
Convenient In Use: The telescopic pole is adjustable, and three heights are available according your needs. Besides, it equipped with a 360 rolling hanger, which is quite flexible in use than normal one. Also includes a fabric brush, which is useful to remove any dirty stuff on the garments.
Thoughtful Details: Drainvalve on the bottom of the machine is quite convenient to drain left water in time, and prevent bacteria growth. Two LED lights on the body of the machine, and it will turn blue when power on. And wheels design on the bottom makes it easy to move.

1.Please connect the garment steamer to electrical source of 220V-240V voltage.
2.Do not share power supply with other high-powered electric appliances.
3.Do not immerse the appliance, plug or power cord in liquids.
4.Fill in water before using, and observe the water level when using.
5.Always keep the hose and nozzle elevated above the water tank.
6.Do not cut or attempt to extend the steaming hose or power cords.
7.Keep the appliance away from flammable materials and chemicals.
8.The appliance cools down completely for at least 30mins.
9.Do not steam at people or animals directly.

Brand: Excelvan
Model: GS70-BJ
Color: White
RatedVoltage: AC220V 50Hz AC220V-240V 50Hz/60Hz
Rated Power: Level 1: 400w level 2: 1400w level 3: 1800
Leakage Current: 0.75mA
GroundResistance: 25A/12V 0.1 (power cable not included)
Insulation Resistance: 10M (DC500V)
Waterproof Grade: IPX1
Water Tank Capability: 1.5L0.1L
Preheating Time: 45S
Steam Level: Three
Loading Weight: Max 3kg
Continuous Hot Steam: 1800W/38min5min
Steam: 34~46g/min
Product Size: 34.3cm*27.6cm*160cm
Package Size: 40.6cm*32.1cm*34.2cm
Net Weight: 2.82kg
Gross Weight: 4.15kg

Package Contents:
1* Multifunctional Hanger
1* Steam Hose
1* Telescopic Pole
1* Body of Garment Steamer
1* Fabric Brush


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