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25Ft Stainless Steel Garden Hose Heavy Duty Metal Watering Hose, Flexible Garden Water Hose

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  • TOUCH COMMERCIAL GRADE GARDEN HOSE: Soft internal hose encased in a sturdy stainless steel outer layer make it truly live up to its durability; puncture proof, thorn proof, corrosion proof and robust enough to prevent dogs chewing; reflects heat from the sun; UV protection

  • ENJOY SMOOTH WATER FLOW: No water flow stoppages, even when it finds itself in a knot; the adjustable nozzle has varied spray patterns for versatile watering needs; tight stainless steel connectors prevent leaks

  • NO MORE TWISTED HOSE PIPE: The concept for the design always remains flexible and tangle free; glides smoothly over surfaces without marring or snagging; ease of use without struggling with hose kinks 

  • NO MORE LUGGING AROUND A HEAVY HOSE: Net weight of 2.4 lbs makes it more lightweight and compact that an elderly people, a woman or any people can handle; coils easily to store like a hose reel that need few minutes to complete roll up from total out across yard

  • VERSATILE GARDEN WATER HOSE PIPE: Support varying nozzles for multiple purposes; meets all your watering needs - watering plants and trees, lawn and yard, cleaning windows, gardens and swimming pools, car or pet washing etc.



Materials: 304 stainless steel

Color: Silver

Length: 25 feet

Outer Diameter of the Hose: 0.5 in (1.15 cm)

Diameter of the Connector: 3/4 in

Net Weight: 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg)

Optimum Working Temperature: 77 (25)

Lowest Working Temperature: 68 (20)

Highest Working Temperature: 140 (60)

Normal Water Pressure Range: 4-20 Bar


Package Contents

1 x Stainless Steel Garden Hose



Always a good idea to empty the hose when finished, especially in winter as any water left in the hose will freeze in the winter.


Please Note

- Do not use this hose in hot water applications.

- Not suitable for children under the age of 10; need to be accompanied by an adult.


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