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30L Drum Lawn Roller with Scraper Bar Manual Garden Roller with Soft Foam Padded Handle

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All steel made heavy duty roller drum

Robust, metal constructed handle and scraper

Rust-resistant coating for long-lasting use

Removable drain fill plug, fill and empties the roller easily

Scraper bar prevents soil and debris from clumping on the drum

Soft foam padded handle helps you grip better

Space saving after detached for storing

Very easy to assemble

Ideal for home lawn, garden and small parks

Levels out your lawn, make your lawn look great by removing bumps and depressions 

Helps new turf establish with the soil beneath

The variable use is guaranteed by different filling, sowing with full and repair frost damage with a half full roller


Product Description

Finether lawn roller is a must to tackle uneven ground or pack down newly sown seed, even erase the lawn damage for sod repairing. The drum weighs as much as xx lbs when filled with sand. Give you an easier way to have a fantastic-looking lawn. With its rust-resistant coated body and steel bar, this lawn roller will continue to help you with your yard work for a long time.


Kindly Notes:

We suggest filling the drum with sand for better flatten performance and easier maintenance.

Earth will be easier to flatten when moist.

Filling too much weight would squeeze the air out of earth and affect the plant growth.

DO NOT tight the nuts on the drum too fast or it will prevent the drum from rolling.

Lawn roller SHOULD NOT be a regular part of your landscape maintenance routine.


Product Specifications

Color: Dartmouth green

Material: A3 Steel

Overall Dimension: 46 cm W x 32 cm D x 100 cm H

Drum: 46 cm W x 32 cm D x 32 cm H 

Upright bars: 52 cm 

Scraper bar: 47 cm 

Handle: 42 cm 

Net Weight: approx. 6 kg

Full Capacity: approx. 30 L


Package Contents

8 x Self-locking Nuts

6 x Bolts

6 x Washers

2 x Metal Upright Bars

1 x Scraper Bar

1 x Foam Padded Handle

1 x A3 Steel Drum


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