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Floureon 600ml Digital Display Ultrasonic Cleaner Ultraschallgeraete Edelstahl Reinigungsgeraet

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 - This ultrasonic stainless steel multi purpose wave cleaner is suitable for cleaning off dirt, dust and smears from surfaces of items such as jewellery,household commodities, glasses, coins and more,Simply fill the tank with water and get professional cleaning results.Perfect for Professional and Home Use
Suggested applications:

- Jewellery Necklace, bracelet, ring, earings, badge
- Glasses, watchband, waterproof watch, household hardware, pen head, printer head
- Disc (CD, VCD, DVD), denture, toothbrush, cosmetic, comb, razor, Contact Lens accessories
- Lab tools, instruments and fittings
- Metal dishware, feeding bottles, ancient coin, valve, machine nozzle

 - 40 KHz ultrasonic frequency and high-power ultrasonic transducer for superior cleaning effect.
 - Strong and durable SUS 304 stainless steel tank.
 - Delicate design of the cover reduces the noise effectively.
 - The basket included will carry many small items.
 - Watch stand is design to hold watch.
 - 600ml capacity tank for professional cleaning.
 - Its 3 minutes auto shut off system makes easy operation.
 - With reset function to restart the machine.
 - Needs only plain tap water to clean (add a tiny amount of washing-up liquid for further effectiveness)


 - Timer Setting:3-minute Auto Shut-off
 - Ultrasonic Frequency:40 KHz
 - Power Consumption: 35W
- Tank Material:Stainless Steel SUS304
- Tank Capacity:600ml
- Tank Size:155 x 95 x 52 mm ( L x W x H )
- Unit Size:200 x 140 x 125 mm ( L x W x H )
- Power Supply:AC 220 - 240V, 50 Hz
- Mains Fuse : 3A

Package Included:

 - 1x Ultrasonic Cleaner(Come With EU Plug)
 - 1x Cleaning Basket
 - 1x Watch Stand
 - 1x User Manual

Kindly Remind

 1.Cleaning items should be put on cleaning basket to protect this machine.
 2.Actual volume will be less than 600ml.
 3.Continuous working time should not exceed one hour.
 4.Water should not cover water mark.


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