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FLOUREON Metalldetektor GP-POINTER Pin Pointer Probe Wasserdicht HandHeld Pinpointer mit Holster

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  • High Sensitivity: High Sensitivity for improved detection of small targets, it can work indoors, outdoors, on sand, lawn or in soil, locate coin, silver, jewelry and gold with speed and accuracy.
  • One-touch operation: Quick button press instantly tunes out environment or narrows detection field for precise pinpointing of larger targets.
  • Detection Methods: Audio Alerts and Vibration Alerts. Audio & Vibration will be intense when the probe close to the object. Built-in Speaker for Audible Sound Alerts.
  • Detection Range: 360side-scan and Pinpoint tip detection. Built in White LED search light. Included a Detector Woven Belt Holster as a Gift.

FLOUREON Pinpointer Metal Detector, IP66 Water Resistant, One-button Operation, LED Indicator And Buzzer Vibration, Portable Treasure Hunting Tool with Holster - Black



This Metal Detector is awesome! It can save tons of time and effort to quickly locate your target. Accuracy of finding metal object has been great. Whats more, it is waterproof, small size makes it easy to carry, the LED flashlight can help to illuminate targets in low light. In general, this is a fantastic piece of equipment, it can bring convenience and happiness to your life, couldn't ask for a better product, you wont regret it.



360 Side-scan Pinpoint Detection: The LED flashlight will remain illuminated while the metal detector is on, it can target the metal object rapidly and accurately.

One-button Operation: It would beep and vibrate in order as the device approaches to metal object, all you need to do is turning it on and starting hunting.

Extreme Temperature Resistance: The operating temperature range of this metal detector is -35F (-37C) to 158F (70C), it can work perfectly in extreme temperatures.

Easy To Carry: Small size pinpointer with holster makes it ultra portable, you can always carry it, and start your treasure hunting any time you want.                  

Wide Application: It can be widely used in subway stations, train stations, airports, archeology and so on. Perfect for most people, such as kids, seniors, men and women.



Detection Methods: Vibration, sound alarm

Power: 9V battery (Not included)

Operating Frequency: 12KHz

Tuning: Automatic

Working Temperature: -35F (-37C) to 158F (70C)

IP Level: Meets IEC 60529 IP66 standards (Can not be soaked in water)

Indicator: Proportioanl audio / vibration pulse rate

Control: Power switch

Item Weight: 166g / 5.9oz

Package Weight: 275g / 9.7oz

Product Size: 23.2  3.8  2.2cm / 9.13  1.50  0.87in

Package Size: 24  6.3  6cm / 9.4  2.5  2.4in


Package includes:

1  Pinpointer

1  Holster

1  English user manual

1  Retractable hanging wire



1. Battery is not included.

2. The parts above the switch are not waterproof, so this product should not be used directly underwater, or its accuracy and functions may be influenced.



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