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Historical Pragmatics

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Historical Pragmatics
Einbandart: Buch
Format: 245x155x46 mm
ISBN-13: 9783110214277
ISBN-10: 311021427X
Verlag: Walter De Gmbh Gruyter
Author: Andreas H. Jucker
Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2010
Sprache: Englisch

The Handbook of Historical Pragmatics provides an authoritative and accessible overview of this versatile new field in pragmatics devoted to a diachronic study of language use and human interaction in context. It covers all areas of historical pragmatics from grammaticalization theory to pragmatic entities, such as discourse markers, speech acts and politeness to individual discourse domains from scientific writing to literary discourse. Each contribution, written by a leading specialist, gives a succinct, representative and up-to-date overview of research questions, theories, methods and recent developments in the field.


HerstellerGruyter, Walter de GmbH Artikel-Nr9783110214277ISBN9783110214277EAN9783110214277
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