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More Letting Go of Compulsive Eating - A Cookbook with Wisdom - Experience - Sample Eating Plans - Recipes - Essays - Actions is a factual and inspirational guide used by 12 Steppers and others. It gives information on people & groups -Overeaters Anonymous, OA H.O.W .and 90-Day; Compulsive Overeaters Anonymous-HOW. Food Addicts Anonymous; Food Addicts: The Body Knows Online Discussion Group;Greysheeter's Anonymous; and Recovery from Food Addiction. It includes 7 Sample Plans ofEating and 300 Recipes - No Sugar, Wheat, Flour - With and Without Starches and Grains - Essays & Actions. This book is neither sponsored by nor endorsed by any organization. It serves the function of press. It is factual and informational. Discover the Benefits from Actions 'I Cook & Eat With Happiness' 'I Cook & Eat Without Remorse' 'I Get Proper Brain Functioning & Balanced Metabolism' 'I Get 'Peace of Mind on a Plate'' 'I Am Safe' 'I Have Never Lost the Right to Eat' 'I Have Another Meal Coming' 'I Have the Comfort ofKnowing WhereI Will Get My Next Meal' 'I Have the Safety,Security & Comfort ofKnowing What Will Be In It' 'I Use Cups and Scales For My Better Ordering and Preservation' 'I Get Clarity and Understanding' Get Sample Plans of Eating. Seven sample plans range from plans with one fruit to four fruits per day, and plans with and without starches and grains. Choose your personal plan of eating with your health care practitioner. The recipes in this book are perfect in combination with your plan of eating. Learn what plans of eating are suggested or required by various non-profit overeating and food addiction groups at websites we provide. Learn about adjustable Frequencies of Meals. See how to weigh and measure, what ingredients are used in the recipes, what a serving amount is in the recipes and in the sample plans of eating, and more. Read an essay on The 'Science & Spirit' of Meals vs. Pounce & Grazing. Get over 300 Recipes - no sugar-wheat-flour - with everything weighed and measured, with and without starches and grains, perfect for meal combinations on the plans of eating. See illustrations. The editors take no position on weighing and measuring. Many men and women weigh and measure food as part of a personal plan of recovery from problem eating. Many recovering individuals DO NOT weigh and measure food. There are many strong feelings about it. This book is neither sponsored by nor endorsed by any organization.


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