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- Nighttime Lovers Volume 21 - 30

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Nighttime Lovers Volume 21 - 30
Eine feine Auswahl an Disco-Funk-Klassikern der 80er Jahre!

? Seltene Disco / Funk-Tracks der 80er

Diese Box enthält 130 Tracks anspruchsvoller, gefragter Disco / Funk-Klassiker aus den 80er Jahren. Auf allen Nighttime Lovers Compilations sind nicht die kommerziellen Hit-Tracks zu finden, die auf üblichen Compilations vertreten sind. Diese Produktreihe fokussiert ausschließlich die sehr schwer zu findenden, aber immer noch gefragten Disco / Funk-Tracks der 80er Jahre.

Nach der Veröffentlichung von Nighttime Lovers Volume 30 folgt die Veröffentlichung der dritten Nighttime Lovers 10CD-Collectors Box. Im Jahr 2008 startete das Label mit großem Erfolg die erste Nighttime lovers 10CD Box (Vol. 1 bis 10) veröffentlicht und im Jahr 2014 haben wir diesen Erfolg mit 10CD Box vol. 11 bis 20 fortgesetzt und Tausende von Exemplaren verkauft. Aufgrund dieses anhaltenden Erfolgs veröffentlicht das Label nun Volume 21 bis Volume 30 dieser Reihe in einer hochwertigen 10CD-Sammlerbox.

Disc 1
1 Harold Melvin: Don?t Give Me Up
2 Bryan Loren: For Tonight
3 Richard Jon Smith: In The Night (Extended Version)
4 Executive: Celebrate Your Love
5 Patti Austin: Only A Breath Away (Extended Mix)
6 Sonique: Let Me Hold You
7 Steve Drayton: Stop Playin? With My Love
8 Raw Silk: Just In Time
9 Manhattan Transfer: Spice Of Life
10 Val Young: Make Up Your Mind
11 Luther Vandross: Sugar And Spice (I Found Me A Girl)
12 Cool Notes: My Love Is Hot
13 Electric Mind: Pick me up (can we go)

Disc 2
1 Starpoint: Bring Your Sweet Lovinâ?? Back
2 Dynasty: Strokin
3 Melba Moore: Never say never
4 BB&Q Band: On the shelf
5 First Love: Party lights
6 Zoom: Distant destiny
7 Nat Augustin: I?ll rescue you
8 Cheryl Lynn: Instant love
9 Blue Moderne: Do that again
10 Pink Rhythm: Melodies of love
11 High Fashion: Hold on
12 Mtume: So you wanna be a star
13 Heatwave: Jitterbuggin?

Disc 3
1 Khemistry: Can You Feel My Love
2 Tease: Firestarter
3 Ozone: Strutt My Thang
4 Cherrelle: Like I Will
5 Arlana: You Can?t Keep Breaking My Heart
6 Leon Bryant: Just The Way You Like It
7 Midnight Star: PlayMates
8 Klymaxx: Love Bandit
9 Howard Johnson: Say You Wanna
10 Dayton: We Can?t Miss
11 Mission: Show A Little Love
12 Con Funk Shun: Ms. Got The Body
13 Peter Jacques Band: Mighty Fine

Disc 4
1 Crown Heights Affair: Somebody tell me what todo
2 Tomorrows Edition: In the grooves
3 Leprechaun: Loc-it-up
4 Mtume: Give it on up
5 Pleasure: Sending my love
6 Ritchie Family: This loves on me
7 Valerie Ford: Keep this feeling
8 Pia Zadora: Still remembered
9 Coo Notes: Into the motion
10 Chaz Jankel feat. Brenda Jones: Youre my occupation
11 Sherrick: Lets be lovers tonight
12 Marcus Miller: I could give you more
13 52nd Street: Im available

Disc 5
1 George Duke: Shine On
2 Jeffrey Osborne: I Really Don?t Need No Light
3 Cat Miller: Ready Or Not
4 Déjà: Serious (Extended Version)
5 Rockie Robbins: Time To Think
6 Paul Laurence (with Lillo Thomas
7 Freddie Jackson) (Extended Mix): She?s Not A Sleaze
8 Mason: Pour It On
9 Najee: Betcha Don?t Know
10 The Limit: Destiny
11 Phyllis Hyman: Ain?t You Had Enough Love (Extended Version)
12 Lillo Thomas: Settle down (Extended Remix)
13 The Controllers: Keep In Touch
14 Ebonee Webb: Anybody Wanna Dance

Disc 6
1 Dazz Band: Shake It Up
2 Steve Harvey: Something Special
3 Barbara Pennington: Fan The Flame
4 Sylvia Smith: Don?t Wanna Be A Sometime Lover
5 Mick Jessup: Take It Easy When You Get Down
6 Robert White: Hold me tight
7 Mac Band: Stalemate
8 Lavine Hudson: Intervention
9 Krystal Davis: So Smooth
10 Sunrize: Come And Get My Lovin?
11 Midnight Star: Tuff
12 Evelyn King: Get Loose
13 Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam With Full Force: Can You Feel The Beat

Disc 7
1 The Jones Girls: Knockin?
2 Dynasty: Love In The Fast Lane
3 Stargaze: You Can?t Have It
4 Bar-Kays: Traffic Jammer
5 Bernard Wright: Just Chillin? Out
6 Cacique: Devoted To You
7 Gene van Buren: What?s Your Pleasure
8 Loose Ends: If My Lovin? Makes You Hot
9 Wreckin? Crew: All Your Love
10 Starpoint: Miracle love
11 New Edition: A Little Bit Of Love (Is All It Takes)(Extended Mix)
12 Isabel Roberts: Rhythm of your love

Disc 8
1 La Voyage: Never Lookin? Back (Again)
2 Broomfield: Don?t Cover Up Your Feelings
3 Lakeside: It?s Got To Be Love
4 Enchantment: I Believe In You
5 Starpoint: Last Night
6 Aurra: Nasty Disposition
7 Howard Smith: Perfect love
8 Jay Player: Love Is The Answer
9 Chapter 8: How Can I Get Next To You
10 Rufus Feat. Chaka Khan: Secret Friend
11 Beau Williams: Give Me Up
12 Kleeer: Never Cry Again
13 Shadow: Piece A Cake

Disc 9
1 Jeff Lorber: Don?t Say Yes
2 Norman Connors: She?s Gone
3 The Spinners: Got To Be Love
4 Kazu Matsui Project: Midnight Shuffle
5 Juicy: After Loving You
6 Hot Cuisine: Who?s Been Kissing You
7 Carter and Chanel: Together Forever
8 Merry Clayton: Emotion
9 Klaps: All The Way You Move
11 Tom Browne: Come For the Ride
12 Five Special: You Can Do It
13 Garfield Fleming: Don?t Send Me Away

Disc 10
1 Revelation: Shout for joy
2 Billy Ocean: Dance with me
3 Chuck Sissel: Emergency
4 Atlantic Starr: Let the sun in
5 Ch-Lites: Men and you
6 Johnny Bristol: Love no longer has a hold on me
7 Blackbyrds: Whats on your mind
8 Ivy: True Love
9 Freddie Hubbard: Youre gonna loose me
10 Steve Arringtons Hall Of Fame: What do you want from me
11 Paradise: Keep the fire
12 Lenny White: Fascination
13 Carl Anderson: Got to find a way to get to you


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