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Pathfinder #100

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The 100th volume of the Pathfinder Adventure Path! The time has come to take back the Silver City of Kintargo! Too long has the diabolic Lord-Mayor Barzillai Thrune inflicted upon his citizens cruelties and increasingly oppressive laws. In A Song of Silver, the heroes of the beleaguered city finally strike back, and as their rebellion mobilizes in the city streets to stand against the corrupt governments minions, the heroes themselves must strike at the sources. Rescuing old heroes from forgotten prison cells, reclaiming control of historic and key locations, and the performance of an ancient song that was used years ago to protect the city from Hells agents are but the preamble for the decisive battle, an assault on the enormous Temple of Asmodeus!

A Song of Silver is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 10th-level characters. The adventure continues the Hells Rebels Adventure Path, an urban- and political-themed campaign that focuses on a rebellion against one of the Pathfinder Campaign Settings most infamous nationsdevil-haunted Cheliax. In celebration of the Adventure Paths one-hundredth volume, this special oversized installment also features several new monsters, revelations about the dead god of humanityAroden, a brand new Pathfinder Journal, a poster map depicting a key battlefield in the adventure, and a huge retrospective of the prior 16 Adventure Paths wherein additional never-before-statted NPCs for each are presented in full detail, both to expand the options of previous Adventure Paths or to provide new friends and foes for Hells Rebels and all the Adventure Paths to come!

Each monthly full-color softcover Pathfinder Adventure Path volume contains an in-depth adventure scenario, stats for several new monsters, and support articles meant to give Game Masters additional material to expand their campaign. Pathfinder Adventure Path volumes use the Open Game License and work with both the Pathfinder RPG and the worlds oldest fantasy RPG.

Sales Points

Oversized collectors item with extra pages, high-profile content, a poster-map, and significant marketing focus throughout the latter half of 2015.

The Pathfinder RPG has been a leading tabletop brand since its launch in 2008. More than 100,000 gamers play in active Pathfinder RPG campaigns. Pathfinders monthly Adventure Path product enjoys more than 10,000 readers, making it the best-selling monthly print RPG product on the market.

The Hells Rebels Adventure Path is one of the most important publishing programs of Paizos 2015 calendar, with six monthly adventure installments, a Pathfinder Pawns collection of character counters, and a year-long focus in Paizos 60,000-player worldwide Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign.


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