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Quantum Chromodynamics on the Lattice 

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Quantum chromodynamics (QCD) is the fundamental quantum ?eld theory of quarks and gluons. In order to discuss it in a mathematically well-de?ned way, the theory has to be regularized. Replacing space-time by a Euclidean lattice has proven to be an e?cient approach which allows for both theor- ical understanding and computational analysis. Lattice QCD has become a standard tool in elementary particle physics. Asthetitlealreadysays:thisbookisintroductory!Thetextisintendedfor newcomerstothe?eld,servingasastartingpoint.Wesimplywantedtohavea bookwhichwecanputintothehandsofanadvancedstudentfora?rstreading on lattice QCD. This imaginary student brings as a prerequisite knowledge of higher quantum mechanics, some continuum quantum ?eld theory, and basic facts of elementary particle physics phenomenology. In view of the wealth of applications in current research the topics p- sented here are limited and we had to make some painful choices. We discuss QCD but omit most other lattice ?eld theory applications like scalar th- ries, gauge-Higgs models, or electroweak theory. Although we try to lead the reader up to present day understanding, we cannot possibly address all on- ing activities, in particular concerning the role of QCD in electroweak theory. Subjects like glueballs, topological excitations, and approaches like chiral p- turbation theory are mentioned only brie?y. This allows us to cover the other topics quite explicitly, including detailed derivations of key equations. The ?eld is rapidly developing. The proceedings of the annual lattice conferences provide information on newer directions and up-to-date results.


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