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Sonnet tempo ssd 6gb/s sata pcie 2.0 drive card für ssds (tsata6-ssd-e2)

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Sonnet tempo ssd 6gb/s sata pcie 2.0 drive card für ssds (tsata6-ssd-e2)

Key Features
• Mounts one or two high-performan6 Gb/s SSDs (sold separately) in your Mac Pro's, desktop PC's, or Thunderbolt expansion chassis' PCIe slot
• PCI Express 2.0 x2 host bus interfafor high-performanapplications
• Great performanwith data transfers speeds up to 660 MB/sec
• Unique modular design enables installation of a single SSD in half length card spas, two SSDs in full length card spawhen extension plate is attached to the card
• Optimized for maximum performanover Thunderboltperfect for use in Sonnet's Echo Express and xMac mini Server Thunderbolt expansion products
• Supports OS X and Windows RAID features
• Included optional PCIe bracket supports installation of BNC connectors like those used with the RED Rocket
• Supports booting from attached drives under Microsoft Windows 7
• AHCI compliantno drivers required
• Supports S.M.A.R.T. data reporting

Simple SSD Upgrade Solutions
If you've been thinking about storage, you've read the stories and seen the reviews; SSDs are hot right now. Not only do they offer tremendous performanand easily outperform hard disk drives, they are more reliable, their pris are dropping and you can get more capacity than ever. If you've got a Mac Pro ® or Windows ® desktop computer, you could just get a couple of 2.5" SSDs (plus nessary adapters) and install them in some empty drive bays (if there are any) and be done with itbut the 3Gb/s SATA interfain your computer won't support fast 6Gb/s SSDs at full speed. You could also get a 6Gb/s eSATA adapter plus external mount SSD storage, but they come with the exss baggage of power adapters and cable clutter. Sonnet engineered a couple of great alternativesTempo™ SSD and Tempo SSD Pro. They're fast 6Gb/s SATA PCI Express adapter cards that enable you to attach readily available 2.5" SSDs or standard spinning media drives (HDDs) and install the assembly neatly into a single PCIe slot, no cables or drivers nessary.


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