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Tower Of Power - 40th Anniversary (CD + DVD) 

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40th Anniversary (CD + DVD)
In addition to the DVD there is an audio CD and a comprehensive booklet listing all of the performers on each song. The release also includes many interviews with current and former band members along with a walking tour of some locations in and around Oakland that were significant in the bands early years.

Disc 1
1 We came to play
2 Soul with a Capital "S"
3 Cant stand to see the slaughter
4 Down to the nightclub
5 Its not the crime
6 You got to funkifize
7 As surely as I stand here
8 I got to groove
9 This time its real
10 Souled out
11 Time will tell
12 Only so much oil in the ground
13 Credit
14 A little knowledge (is a dangerous thing)
16 Youre still a young man
17 Knock yourself out

Disc 2
1 We Came To Play
2 Soul With a Capital S
3 Cant Stand To See the Slaughter
4 Down To the Nightclub
5 Its Not the Crime
6 You Got To Funkifize
7 As Surely As I Stand Here
8 I Got To Groove
9 Boys From the Bay
10 This Time Its Real
11 Souled Out
12 Time Will Tell
13 I Thank You
14 Mr. Pitiful
15 Only So Much Oil In the Ground
16 Credit
17 A Little Knowledge (is a Dangerous Thing)
19 Youre Still a Young Man
20 Knock Yourself Out
21 Introduction
22 Soul Vaccination
23 Knock Yourself Out


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